Big is cool, small is cool, and both together are really, really HOT!!!

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Where pairs of guys of different size™...

...prove that opposites attract!

We're still arranging and setting things up on this site. So until we're ready, here we've put just a few of the photos we'll feature.

Big boy, small boy 1 Big boy, small boy 2

arrowThese two 'boyz' are happily taking a shower together. And it doesn't seem to matter to them that the dick of the one on the left could fit entirely inside half of the dick of the one on the right. More power to 'em!


OK, guys, no more free lunch! To see the enlargements from this point on you have to be a member.

Big and small outdoors

Hunks ready for action

Smaller is harder

arrowThree more photos I've picked out from the public-domain collections* on the Internet.

The one on the right is especially interesting: Notice that the fellow with the smaller dick is harder than the one who's bigger endowed. Frankly, I think that might be a fact of nature... You can be big, and you can be hard, but usually you can't be both at once!

The happy couple

Uncut boyfriends?


Light and dark

Light and dark!


Short and tall!


Young and old!


That's ME!!!


Don't ask!

Most of these photos were taken at GNI gatherings. With 800 guys walking around naked, there's bound to be LOTS of guys of different size! Note that I was taking these photos withOUT concern as to the sizes of the dicks. By including them on this page, I do not mean to imply that they are unusually large or small, or that there is anything shameful about being large or small. (Quite the reverse.) They are the way they are, and that's cool!

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